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Matrix Archive Tools

Import messages from a room, for research, archival, and preservation.

Developed at Dinacon 2018, for use by the documentation team.

Use this responsibly and ethically. Don't re-publish people's messages without their knowledge and consent.


Install Pipenv. Run pipenv install.

Set these environment variables: MATRIX_USER, MATRIX_PASSWORD, MATRIX_ROOM_IDS.

MATRIX_ROOM_IDS should be a comma-separated list of Matrix room IDs (or a single id). Run pipenv run to list the room ids.

Set MONGODB_URI to a MongoDB connection URL, or install a local MongoDB instance.


Import Messages

pipenv run import imports the messages into the database.

Export Messages

pipenv run export filename.html exports a text, HTML, JSON, or YAML file, depending on the name of filename.html. The file contains links to the image download URLs on the Matrix server.

Download Images

pipenv run downloads all the thumbnail images in the database into a download directory (default thumbnails), skipping images that have already been downloaded.

Use the --no-thumbnails option to download full size images instead of thumbnails. In this case, the default directory is images instead of thumbnails.


Matrix Client-Server API