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Simple golang command to call HODLHODL API endpoints.

The command usage is as following:

./hodlhodl-bot [-t] watchs-notifs

-t: sleep time in seconds between each call to api when running in daemon watch mode (default: 120)

watch: the watch command keeps running and polling the notifications endpoint, if new notifications are detected print them stdou. In this mode the program can only be stopped with CTRL+C


for testing purposes, create two accounts on TESTNET version of hodlhodl , create a fake listing with one account, and accept offer with the other account and send messages to generate notifications for the first account.


  • Logger working : setup in main funciton
  • readconfig function : using viper lib, parse config.yml
  • startclient function : Working XMPP client with
  • startmessage function : send message
  • gethdlnotification : send the correct string without crasing the app -----> in progress