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IFA Proposals

Number Title Type Status
0000 Proposal Guidelines & Process Process Draft
0001 Domain Names Standard Draft
0002 Domain Names - Non-DNS Types Standard Draft
0003 Domain Names - Dehydrated TLS Certificates Standard Draft

This list does not contain proposals that have been deferred, rejected, or withdrawn.


Those wishing to submit a proposal should first should bring their idea to the relevant communities and then submit a new proposal as outlined in the Proposal Guidelines & Process.

Discussion relevant to a pending draft should, whenever possible, take the form of Gitub issue tickets. Github tickets should reference the proposal and/or pull requests to help ensure that all discussion is captured.

You can clone this repository using:

git clone ifa-proposals

Before submitting a PR for a new proposal or to update an existing proposal, install and run DocToc:

npm install -g doctoc
doctoc ifa-proposals/ --title '**Table of Contents**'

You must include DocToc markup in the document before running DocToc:

 <!-- START doctoc -->
 <!-- END doctoc -->