43 Commits (master)

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  Oliver Gugger 27fd6b3304
multi: use aperture instead of local lsat library 1 week ago
  Elle Mouton 65fe06cec2 loopd: verify loop out amount 2 months ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 133f3cac5f multi: integrate the new htlc v2 scripts to loop in/out 9 months ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 9fdd531130
swap: add HTLC script version 9 months ago
  Joost Jager 43323ffbe2
loopout: extend htlc expiry based on conf target 10 months ago
  carla cd2b08aec6
multi: consume and log sever state updates 9 months ago
  Joost Jager 1869ad670f
looprpc: expose server message to clients 10 months ago
  Joost Jager 8b215edaa2
multi: create init result structs 10 months ago
  Joost Jager 68012f051a
loopout: create LoopOutSwapInfo struct 10 months ago
  Joost Jager 0c9fcd790e
lndclient: move to github.com/lightninglabs/lndclient 10 months ago
  Joost Jager b61b886c16
loopd: group and clarify swap server parameters 10 months ago
  carla 2ebbc78131
swap: add constructor for swap config 11 months ago
  Joost Jager 8c544bf2ba
loopdb: store outgoing channel set 11 months ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath f0aff9b7bd looprpc+loopin: support for native segwit htlcs 1 year ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 7a44eec36f loopin: refactor LoopIn to return struct instead of tuple 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 12ae3d6a40
loopd: make maximum number of payment parts configurable 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 5588876b48
loopd: extract client configuration 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 3da09aac0e
client: use cached info to log connected node 1 year ago
  Wilmer Paulino 5b732d9012
loopd: add SOCKS proxy config option to dial swap server over Tor 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 3dd10f14dc
client: return miner fee of -1 if fee estimation fails 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 535e964ec9
loopdb: migrate loop in channel to last hop 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger ccdbc3b21b
multi: thread new config values through client 1 year ago
  Johan T. Halseth d5c9a66c60
swap_server_client: call server with SwapPublicationDeadline set 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 1650f3a18d
client+lsat: specify global timeout 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 47bf510bd8
loopd: add RPC method to list tokens 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 8cecae501c
lsat: add unary interceptor and simple store 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 49cbe9aa63
loopd: add swap server TLS cert path 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger b574e344ea
multi: add persistent logger 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 69f2af9fdc
loop+cmd: extract types into swap module 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 36838cf7f4
multi: fix most obvious linter errors 1 year ago
  Johan T. Halseth 0023d1a0da
looprpc: update to new server protos 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 489ab5620e
loopd: receive external HTLC flag in loop in quote request 1 year ago
  Joost Jager ecd36b921c
multi: base sweep fee estimate on actually used address type 1 year ago
  Wilmer Paulino 47321ba4a4
loop: use default confirmation target for htlc sweep after expiry delta 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 1b306ad425
loopdb: replace swap state enum by state data object 2 years ago
  Joost Jager 7f9ab312fb
loopd: fix nil ptr derefence for monitor 2 years ago
  Joost Jager 30c7d71c57
use np2wsh for loop in htlc 2 years ago
  Joost Jager 2e48ead6d6
loopd: loop in from external address 2 years ago
  Joost Jager 3e960b8b54
multi: loop in swap 2 years ago
  Joost Jager 9a1b60b4be
multi: always supply chain params when decoding addresses 2 years ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun 94f347e673
multi: finalize rename from uncharge to loop out 2 years ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun 908d82acdb
loop: extract code from client package into new loop primary package 2 years ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun a770e3d7c1
loop: update all import paths to public repo 2 years ago
  Joost Jager 21fcd8d94e
Lightning Loop initial version 2 years ago